Emotional Release

Emotional Release  – self-releasing process in which the individual learns how to clear emotional blockages from past experiences utilizing essential oils.

 Emotional Release is a method where an individual learns how to clean out the old negative patterns and understand the process in a practical way thereby enriching life.

Emotional Release will teach individuals how to acquire skills for dealing with the daily stresses of life in such a way that new emotional blocks are not created in the future.

According to Carolyn Mein, DC, emotions are stored in the cellular memory and reside in the organs or regions of the body that have corresponding vibration frequency referred to as “Alarm Points.” The limbic system stores and releases emotional trauma in the body.

The emotional blockages in the body can be cleared by accessing the Alarm Points and limbic system.

Application of essential oils on the corresponding Alarm Points and inhaling the essential oils (the nose is a direct conduit to the limbic system) will assist in releasing the negative pattern from the cellular memory.

Emotional Release involves a The Self-Releasing Process using a specific Script.

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